Thursday, July 31, 2008

Misc MA Stuff

Been busy but I still wanted to post something quick.

If you didn't know, F-Secure's yearly reverse engineering challenge, Khallenge, is about to start. It works by using levels - you download a binary, figure out how to reverse it and get the password to the next level. I've done it in years past and have gotten to the last level but not beyond. Maybe I'll try this year. It starts August 1, 2008 at midnight (EEST) which should be about 5PM July 31, 2008 EST. It lasts only two days so get out there and reversing!

There are many excellent blogs out there which have alot of great information on reverse engineering and malware analysis. However, I want to call out one which I consistently find excellent information on new threats and how to perform malware analysys: The Websense Security Labs Blog.

I'll be the first to admit that when I think of Websense I think of content filtering and not malware analysis. (Actually I think of some poor fool who has to visit every site that gets submitted to categorize it.) However, they have some really smart people working for them who do alot of great malware analysis work. They constantly publish excellent blog entries about different aspects of malware. This is one of the blogs which I will ensure I read whenever they publish something new. Their RSS feed is here and I highly recommend it.

Anyone have any good resources they'd like to mention?

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