Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quick Update

Hello all - I haven't posted in a while and for good reason. I've been busy with a very interesting job at work that I hope to be able to talk about some day. Right now I can't (client privacy and such) but I can guarantee it will make an amazing story some day.

It is because of this job that I was unable to make it to the NE Ohio Information Security Summit. I apologize to everyone who thought I would be there and I have to commend and profusely thank Greg for taking over our presentations by himself and coming up with one at the last minute. Greg is an amazing speaker and friend and I'm glad he had packed crowds in both sessions.

As for the malware challenge, we were supposed to announce the winners at the summit. However, due to my being absent we decided to (wisely I think) postpone announcements until the next NE Ohio Information Security Forum meeting on November 19th. I invite everyone to come out as we will be giving out prizes there and announcing the winners (and will announce them on the site shortly after).

I will have some interesting news in the next couple weeks and am starting on a few projects I will be blogging about. For those who have stuck with my blog, thanks. I hope not to disappoint you. :)

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