Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog Post Down

Yesterday I published a post on the 2008 malware challenge that I helped put together and how I felt it was being mis-represented in another security company's (pay for) CTF.

The person responsible for that CTF posted a comment on the blog and asked me to contact him, stating it was really a mistake and no ill-intent was involved. I believe him.

The security industry we work in is very small. If your integrity is besmirched* then that can have negative effects on your career or company. I would not want to be responsible for that in the case of a simple oversight.

That is why I removed the blog post. In all fairness, I should have contacted them first before posting anything.

I am still posting the malware challenge and will do so later today.

* Woohoo! I got to use besmirched in a blog post!

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