Monday, October 29, 2012


This year, I designed a crypto puzzle for the Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum to use at the Ohio Information Security Summit (which I unfortunately was unable to attend). I found out that no one got the answer to it, although a number of people tried.

I decided to put the puzzle up here for everyone to check out and try to solve. I don't have any prizes to give away so this is just for fun. The solution will be posted on November 1.

Also, while I'd love to hear if you solved it, please don't post the answer in the comments so others have a chance.

Dr. Van Helsing is tracking Dracula again. Using his brilliant hacking skills, he was able to break into Dracula's email account and obtained the following encrypted message.



Subject: My Itinerary



Through his previous interactions, Van Helsing knows that Dracula uses an encryption program called "31337 Crypt", that utilizes a proprietary encryption protocol. He downloaded the program and typed the following into the program to be encrypted:


The result was the encrypted line of:


Within moments Van Helsing knew what the "proprietary" encryption was and had decrypted Dracula's message. What was Dracula's message?

Good luck!