Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Certificate Phish

I received an interesting phish email the other day. The email contained a notice, supposedly from a bank, which said my "personal certificate" was about to expire and in order to renew it, and keep the security of account up to date, I needed to click on the link, install the update and then log into my account. Of course, the link led to some malware.

What I find interesting about this is that it throws enough security jargon out to the recipient to make it sound believable. While most people don't know what a certificate is or what its used for, they have probably heard about it at some point and know it has to do with security.

The email also takes a different approach than most phishes - instead of telling the victim there is something wrong with their account and they need to sign in immediately to fix it, it tells them they have to update to keep secure. I think this is going to be a shift in phishing tactics - phishers will start new methods to entice users to click on their links and inadvertently reveal their credentials. Of course, this may already be happening - I am in no way a phishing expert.

In any case, it just means we need to keep vigilant and stay aware as always.

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