Friday, August 22, 2008

Hotel Lobby Security

I'm not a physical security guy, but I am learning. I found some pictures that I took at the hotel for a conference I was at earlier this year.

Some background: The hotel is a resort hotel where the main building contains the registration desk, some restaurants/bars and meeting rooms. That leads to a large outside pool. Surrounding the pool are three large towers which contain all of the rooms. The towers have two entrances - one from the pool area and one from the parking lot. The picture below is taken as if you were coming in from the parking area. (Notice the computer used for theme park reservations - this was left unattented, but turned on, after 5PM.)

Can you spot the security flaw?

What about now?

While I'm glad they have cameras in the lobbies, I find it very pointless to have the plug about 6 inches away. BTW, the ceilings were maybe 7 feet high so its not like someone couldn't teach up to unplug it. While I never unplugged it to see how fast security would respond, if at all, I found this very interesting and have been noticing physical security flaws like this much more.

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