Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Travelers Return...Bearing Gifts?

Now that the Olympics are over everyone who was lucky enough to go will be traveling back to home and coming back in to work. Surely they'll be bringing the souvenirs they bought in Beijing - buttons, pins, T-shirts. But what about electronics?

China knows trade and knows an opportunity to increase sales in their country so they obviously did everything they could to ensure tourists could access Chinese markets and purchase their (cheap) goods. Did these include electronics? Absolutely!

While I have no first hand accounts of this and am speculating, I'm sure many of the recent Olympic visitors toured the Chinese markets and saw great deals on USB watches, digital frames, laptops and other computer accessories and picked them up. Soon these same people will be bringing in their newly-obtained items into their homes and hooking them up to their personal (or work) computers or, if administrators as lucky, they'll be bringing them to work to display (and use) on their desktops.

Anything to worry about? Naw, I'm sure we'll be fine. There's never been any instance of malware coming from Chinese hardware.

If anyone hears about anything like this, let me know please.

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