Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flux Agent Geographic Distribution

I've been looking into a fast flux botnet for the past day which came in the form of some banking malspam. If you don't know what fast flux networks are, check out the Honeynet Project's Know Your Enemy paper on them - its one of the best resources out there.

I set up a script to resolve the DNS name of the website which held the malware on it. The DNS record expired every 1500 seconds (25 minutes) so my script would perform the lookup, wait 25 minutes. perform another lookup, rinse, repeat. I did this for about 24 hours. The purpose was to see where the flux agents for the botnet were residing.

In the end, I had 88 unique IP addresses acting as flux agents residing in 21 different countries.

Interestingly, while the most were coming from Romania (18), the second largest was from Israel (15) and there were no .edu's in the mix. Remember, these are the flux agents, not the members of the botnet.

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