Monday, September 15, 2008

Upcoming Appearances

As some know, I will be speaking at the OWASP NYC AppSec conference next week on "Automated Web-based Malware Behavioral Analysis". Unfortunately, I'll be presenting over lunch so I'm limiting it to about 20 minutes of talking so people can eat and not listen to me. If anyone wants to get together wile at the conference, let me know.

As always, the NE Ohio Information Security Forum is this Wednesday and I will be in attendance. I encourage anyone to come out and join us. We'll be having lots of great speakers as well as free food and drink. Afterwards, we'll be going to Mavis Winkles to record the next episode of the Security Justice podcast. I'll also be making a special announcement at the forum and the podcast concerning something Greg and I are doing at this year's Ohio Information Security Summit.

Finally, I'd like to thank mubix for having me as a guest poster concerning packers on his blog. Very cool.

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